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Regular car servicing is equally crucial as getting your MOT done. Maintaining your vehicle's fluids and overall health isn't just about extending its lifespan, but also about identifying potential issues before they turn into costly problems that might leave your car stranded. By keeping up with car servicing, you not only ensure smooth driving but also gain an advantage when it comes to selling your car later on. Buyers value well-maintained vehicles, and having a documented service history can enable you to sell your car at a premium price.


As time passes, the braking system of your vehicle will naturally experience wear and tear. To ensure your safety and the safety of others on the road, it's essential to have regular maintenance for your brakes, just like other components in your vehicle. If you've noticed any signs of deteriorating brakes, we urge you to schedule an appointment with us promptly.

Here are the key indicators that may indicate you need brake replacements:

  1. Grinding or Squeaking sounds

  2. Pulsating sensation when applying the brakes

  3. Pulling to one side while braking

  4. Spongy or unresponsive braking

  5. Soft pedal or pedal going to the floor

  6. Dashboard warning light

  7. Outdated brake fluid (should be changed every two years)

Your driving style can influence the frequency of brake servicing required. If you frequently cover long distances on motorways or take extended journeys, your brake pads will likely last longer compared to stop-and-go city driving. As a general rule, if your brake pads wear down to a thickness of 3 millimetres, it's time to replace them. Additionally, remember to change your brake fluid every two years, or adhere to your car manufacturer's recommendations.

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Keeping an eye on your tyres is often overlooked, but it's a matter of utmost importance for your safety, your passengers, and everyone on the road. Regularly checking your tyres is vital, and experts recommend doing so at least once a month, especially before embarking on long journeys.

If you notice low tyre depth or any signs of damage, don't hesitate to visit Earlswood Garage today. We'll take care of your tyres while you wait, ensuring they are in excellent condition.

At Earlswood Garage, you can expect top-notch service from our qualified technicians who will swiftly and efficiently fit your new tyres, getting you back on the road without delay. Whether you prefer budget-friendly options or high-performance sports tyres, we have a wide range of choices to suit your vehicle and budget. Our comprehensive tyre fitting service includes:

  • Supply and fitting of tyres from various reputable brands

  • Full wheel balancing for a smooth ride

  • Environmentally-friendly disposal of your old tyres

  • Tyre repairs, whenever possible, to save you from the expense of replacement

If your tyres have suffered damage, bring your vehicle to us, and our team will assess the situation and provide advice on the best course of action.


Over time, your vehicle's exhaust system, like other components, can deteriorate due to various factors. Physical damage from speed bumps and high curbs, as well as corrosion from high mileage driving, can contribute to this deterioration. A faulty or damaged exhaust not only burns more fuel but also harms the environment, making it crucial to maintain your exhaust in good condition.

If you suspect any issues with your exhaust or need advice on repair or replacement, bring your vehicle to our friendly team at Earlswood Garage for a thorough inspection.

Reasons for Exhaust Failure:

Throughout its lifespan, your exhaust system faces significant thermal and mechanical stresses. Factors like road surfaces, speed bumps, curbs, and water exposure can lead to external corrosion. Additionally, road vibrations can loosen fasteners, causing your exhaust to scrape along the road. While some problems may be visually apparent, many require lifting the car for a closer inspection.

The lifespan of your car's exhaust system can vary depending on your driving habits, location, and types of journeys you undertake. Frequent short trips, for instance, can accelerate corrosion compared to long motorway journeys.

Signs of Exhaust Issues:

  • Excessive smoke

  • Loud engine noises while driving

  • Knocking or rattling sounds

  • Visible holes

  • Low-hanging or dragging exhaust pipe

  • Check engine light

  • Reduced fuel economy

Importance of Maintaining Your Exhaust System:

Ignoring issues with your exhaust system can lead to various problems. Aside from being an MOT failure, a damaged exhaust can negatively impact engine performance, increase fuel costs, and reduce power output. Delaying repairs can also result in higher bills down the road.

If you suspect exhaust damage, it's crucial to have it inspected immediately for your safety and the safety of your passengers. The exhaust's primary function is to redirect harmful gases from the engine away from the vehicle. Breathing in exhaust fumes can cause headaches, sickness, and fatigue, making prompt checks and repairs essential. If you're uncertain about what to do, seek advice from our trained technicians.

Exhaust Replacement Cost:

The cost of replacing or repairing your exhaust system depends on your vehicle and the condition of the existing parts. For a competitive quotation, feel free to give us a call or bring your vehicle in for an inspection.

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Booking  your vehicle with Earlswood Garage is convenient and hassle-free. Located in, you guessed it Earlswood our Service Centre is easily accessible to you. Our friendly team is ready to provide you with peace of mind regarding your vehicle's safety. Simply pop down or call, and one of our team members will sort it out. 

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