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Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy - Earlswood Garage Ltd

Welcome to the Earlswood Garage website! To ensure your experience is smooth and enjoyable, we use cookies and similar technologies. This Cookie Policy explains what cookies are, how we use them, and how you can manage your preferences. By continuing to browse our site, you agree to our use of cookies as outlined below.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are little bits of magic (well, not quite magic, but almost) that get stored on your device when you visit a website. They are tiny text files that help us remember your preferences, make your visits more personalized, and improve our website's overall performance.

How We Use Cookies

  • Necessary Cookies: These cookies are essential for our website's basic functionalities. They help you navigate through our pages smoothly and securely. Without them, our site might not work properly, and that would be a real bummer.

  • Functional Cookies: These cookies add a touch of convenience to your browsing experience. They remember your choices (like language preferences) and save you from having to make the same selections over and over again. We like to make your life easier.

  • Analytical Cookies: These clever cookies help us understand how you use our website. They show us which pages you find most interesting (you have great taste!), and which ones need a little more love. This way, we can keep improving and keep you happy.

  • Marketing Cookies: We use these cookies to tailor our ads and offers to your interests. It's like having your own personal shopper, but in cookie form. Rest assured, they won't follow you around the mall.

Cookie Consent and Preferences

We believe in transparency and want to make sure you're in control. You can manage your cookie preferences at any time using the "Cookie Settings" link at the bottom of our website. Feel free to pick and choose the cookies you're comfortable with. Just remember that blocking some cookies might impact your browsing experience.

Cookies From Other Bakers

Sometimes, we collaborate with third-party service providers who might place their cookies on our website. Don't worry, these cookies are meant to help us improve our offerings and give you a fantastic experience. However, we don't control their cookies, so please check their cookie policies if you're curious.

Cookies' Shelf Life

Our cookies aren't immortal. Most of them have a limited lifespan, and they'll eventually retire to cookie heaven. You can find their expiration dates in your browser settings or our "Cookie Settings" page.

Change is the Only Constant

Just like the automotive industry, our website is always evolving. We may update this Cookie Policy from time to time to keep things fresh and cookie-licious. Rest assured, any changes will always be posted here, so feel free to check back whenever you feel like it.

We hope this Cookie Policy tickles your taste buds for knowledge. If you have any questions about cookies or anything else, feel free to reach out to our friendly team at [Contact Email].

Now, go ahead, explore our website, and enjoy the ride!

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